No one else can play your part!

"Suicide doesn't end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else"

Death is most feared thing by all of us. We always try to protect our loved ones and ourselves from all sorts of troubles. But imagine reaching a point where one fears the feeling of staying alive to such an extent that the fear of death seems negligible. It involves a lot of courage to take our self.

I do agree that we need to stay strong and fight but neither is everyone the same and nor are the struggles of everyone the same. We need to understand that a person who always smiles might be dying alone inside. A person who seems happy with family and friends can also be the one who is not be able to share his/her true feelings with anyone. That person might daily be fighting really hard and staying strong. Money, success, glory etc. doesn't always guarantee happiness.

As per NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau, India) &WHO (World Health Organisation) reports, over 1,00,000 people die by suicide in India every year. India has the highest suicide rate in South-East Asia. WHO estimates that each year at least 10,00,000 people die from suicide globally. It is a major public health concern like any other. Suicide prevention is the most important thing that we should encourage people to take it seriously.

Mental health is really important. In fact I think mental health is much more important than physical health also. A person can fight anything, even a deadly disease if the person's mental health is good.

It is important to share our feelings with at least someone. Let's try and connect with our family, friends, doctor or anyone who we feel comfortable with. We really need to help our loved ones fight their battles and win them so that they don't have to even think of ending their lives to get rid of the struggle and pain.

This Suicide Prevention Day let's take an oath to support anyone we know who is going through difficult times and help them get the right guidance to fight during these hard situations. Let's stand by them like a pillar which will support them in all times.


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