The New Normal

The new normal is what is being talked and discussed about by everyone now a days. Mask and sanitizer have become even more essential than a mobile phone while stepping out of the house. Social distancing is being advised to be followed when outdoors. Coronavirus has turned everything upside down in everyone’s life. All these things have become a necessity in our lives for survival just as much as food, water and oxygen. 

While many still aren't taking coronavirus seriously, there is this Urdu newspaper Roshini, from Jammu and Kashmir, through which is spreading awareness by distributing a free mask. On the front page of Urdu daily Roshni, the caption besides the mask read, “Mask ka istemal zaroori hai” meaning “It is necessary to use (wear) a mask”. The photo of the newspaper is below:

While India is trying to get back to normal with the unlock 3 initiated, there is still a long fight against the unseen enemy. Rakshabhandan has just got over and the markets were crowded with people shopping for the festival. It is our duty to take care of yourselves and everyone we are in-touch with. We really need to adapt ourselves to the new normal to avoid any trouble.

A few safety measures that need to be kept in mind during these days:

  • Do not step out of the house without a mask and sanitizer.
  • If possible, wear gloves while shopping.
  • Do follow the social distancing norms and avoid going to any crowded place.
  • Take proper care of high risk category people (like children, elderly, pregnant women, etc.)
  • Having a strong immunity is the most important thing. Eat a well-balanced diet and have good amount of liquids throughout the day.

There is a lot of research going on and every day we get to know new things about the virus. It is still not clear till when there will be a vaccine available for it. But, I think it is better to get used to the new normal soon and protect ourselves from any harm rather than regretting later. There is a saying, "Better late than Never". 

How are you trying to protect yourself and your loved ones from this virus? Please share your experiences of the new normal in the comment section to spread awareness.

Stay Safe!!!


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